Torsten Scheel Fotografie - Contemporary Photography - About

Torsten Scheel is a German photographer and digital artist living in Singapore. In his work Torsten aims at producing a contemporary representation of the visual appearance and its relation to the underlying social fabric of the public housing estates of Singapore (HDB).


Born in Dresden, East Germany, 1970

Lives & works primarily in Singapore

Torsten grew up in "communist" East Germany, behind the infamous Berlin wall intended to stop people going too far. From this time of his life, he maintained a never ending urge to discover and explore. After study of computer science in Germany and living in Switzerland and Australia, Torsten settled down in Singapore in 2010. Initially just the place where work was, over time the unique nature of the city caught his attention and started a fascination which has not left him till today.

Rooted in his deep love for landscape and beauty, in his most recent works, Torsten explores the built-up landscape of Singapore, with its high rises and public housing blocks somehow growing out of the jungle which lies underneath the human construction. After some time, he realised that this subject also spans a bridge back to his own childhood and the memories of growing up in 70's style pre-fab buildings (in German "Plattenbau").

The image “toa payoh, infinity #16” was selected for the short list of Open Walls Arles 2019 and can be seen in Galerie Huit Arles from July 1st to July 31, 2019.